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Factory of special millwork «Krasnoderevtshik»

Download  catalogue "Interior doors"

Download catalogue "Special doors"

Interior doors from manufacturer factory of special millwork «Krasnoderevtshik»

Production and supply of ready to install interior doors and accessory products.

Interior doors are delivered with pre-installed European accessories (locks and hinges), which allow our customers to save considerably. You can also install doors by yourself, using installation directions, which you can find on our site too. We have the rights to a number of unique patents, which are mainly distinguished our products on the General background of interior doors manufacturers.

Patent №104224 - Universal door unit.  Universal door opening - opening (right / left) is determined at the time of installation of the door. Besides, any door leaf from the collection can be used for the construction of interior sliding doors, both open and hidden installation. Accessories (lock with universal insert and 3 screw hinges) are installed at the factory, thereby the installation is fast and cheap.

«Krasnoderevtshik» factory is a largest specialized enterprise of door production. It was established in 1993. Currently group of companies «Krasnoderevtshik» JSC consists of 3 modern factories for the door production and factories for the production of plywood.  Each of the factory produces door leaves targeted at different customers on such parameters as price, design, material of surface finishing and complete equipment. All production practices are organized on the basis of industrial equipment, which are specialized in the door production of different types of structure with direct rabbet, panel and prefabricated doors with a fold (a quarter) ,door leaves for sliding doors and door leaves with installed door accessories.

It carries out the supply of special doors for non-residential facilities: hotels, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc. with appropriate certification, soundproofing (insulation), wear resistance, RW db, fire resistance EI30 and other requirements. Strengthened wooden doors for hotel rooms (from 1 to 5 stars level), fire-proof doors, veneered doors, flush doors, doors with glazing and without glazing, as well as interior doors made to order, (corresponds to special requirements to the size of doorway, the block, the type of surface finishing) enjoy great popularity . The main advantage is an opportunity to design the interior in the same style, in spite of the underlying model, chosen from the main collection.

All products are certified. All doors are manufactured according to GOST, technical specifications, DIN standards and EN.

Availability of own plywood production allows us to use in constructional elements much more solid plywood rather than soft wood of coniferous tree. We buy material for surface finishing from the best European companies. Glue without formaldehyde are used in the production of doors. Thus in the light of all the above we can claim, that we produce high-quality and safe products.

At the present moment, all products are represented in twelve model lines. The catalogue presents interior doors for general-purpose accommodations, apartments and houses. You can choose from different kind of surface finishing and colour of the door for living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen or place an order on the individual sizes. Finished interior doors from «Krasnoderevtshik» factory perfectly blend with the interior of your apartment and will last a very long time.

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